‘Doctor Who’ Has A Season Nine Trailer, A Release Date, And The Doctor On Guitar

Soaring through time and space with Batman and Gandalf is a hell of an opening act, but San Diego Comic-Con had more in store for Doctor Who fans than a mere lego game with a playable Time Lord — we’ve got the first season 9 trailer (above) and a season premiere date.

So, what can we expect when the show debuts on September 19? Well, in a few words: another possible trip inside the bowels of the TARDIS, running, increased forehead vascularity, the return of Missy (aka The Master, aka River Wrong), the return of the Zygons, hugging, empty eye cavity having baddies, Daleks, poofy Doctor hair, this GIF…

And Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) making a dope entrance. Arya Stark > Lego Batman, I’m just sayin. Once again, Doctor Who returns on September 19.