‘Dog With A Blog’ Has Better Ratings Than ‘Parks And Recreation’

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10.08.13 27 Comments


Look, no other website admires Disney Channel’s Dog with a Blog, the greatest TV show about a dog with a blog, as much as we do, but even we have to howl in horror (that’s a little canine humor for you) at this: last week’s episode of Parks and Recreation was watched by 3.1 million people; Dog with a Blog, 3.5 million.

Again, that’s Thursday’s Parks and Recreation, 3.1 million. Friday’s Dog with a Blog, 3.5 million.


I don’t get it either, Skeptical Dog with a Blog, but I do know you’re a STAR now. It’s only a matter of time before you’re starring in spinoffs: Dog with a Vine, Dog with a Tumblr, Dog with a Twitter. It’s funny, because he’s subtweeting cats, because he’s a #dog. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll even get the lead role in Paws and Recreation. Or maybe Parks and Ruffcreation. Either way, it’ll be set in Pawsnee.

(Via HuffPo)

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