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A Vancouver woman was arrested at the U.S.-Canadian border when she tried to smuggle two 30-pound bags of ecstasy into the United States.  The pills were all in the shape of either Homer Simpson’s head or the Decepticons’ logo.

Krysta Edwards’ vehicle was searched at the Pacific Highway border crossing on June 26, where authorities say they seized 107,734 tablets of ecstasy.

The pills, which were in the shape of popular cartoon characters from Transformers and The Simpsons, weighed approximately 60 pounds, and were found in a hidden compartment in the cargo area. [CTV BC]

ecstasy2You know what Transformers drugs mean?  It means this conversation happened:

Michael Bay: I want you to go to Canada and pick up something that will BLOW UP MY MIND.

Assistant: Uh, you mean blow your mind?

Michael Bay: No, I mean EXPLODE my mind!

Assistant: You mean expand your mind?

Michael Bay: Goddammit!  Get me some more drugs shaped like Transformers!  I’m out of Optimus Primo weed!  **makes exploding sound**

Whoa, did I just make a Michael Bay joke instead of a Simpsons reference?  Better rectify that: “Fame was like a drug, but what was even more like a drug were the drugs.”

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