Dolph Lundgren Will Star In A New Syndicated Action Series From The Creator Of ‘Baywatch’

10.09.12 5 Comments

A few months back I brought you the news that Dolph Lundgren would be hosting a reality show on Reelz where contestants would reenact famous stunts and action scenes from movies. As delightful as that news was, and it was QUITE delightful, it may have been topped by this: Dolph Lundgren is also going to be starring in a syndicated action series that Deadline described thusly:

Rescue 3, the first project to come out of Emmett/Furla’s TV division launched in August, centers on Southern California’s elite multi-agency task force Rescue 3, which consists of the cream-of-the-crop from Los Angeles Lifeguard, Firefighter and Coast Guard agencies. Each episode will center on big-action rescues involving all three services. Lundgren, repped by Gersh and manager Craig Baumgarten, will play Captain John Mathews, a reluctant hero and career firefighter and lifeguard who leads a highly specialized unit made up of experts in air, fire and water rescue. Gregory J. Bonann (Baywatch) executive produces Rescue 3, which he created with Tai Collins. Jim & John Thomas (Mission To Mars) will write alongside Collins. [Deadline]

Oh dear God, that’s perfect. Let’s run down the checklist:

  • An “elite multi-agency task force”? Check.
  • Consisting of “the cream-of-the-crop”? Check.
  • Featuring “big-action rescues”? Check.
  • Starring Dolph Lundgren? Check.
  • Who will play “a reluctant hero”? Check.
  • And the whole thing is created and executive produced by the dude who created Baywatch? Check.

Yup. This might be the most “syndicated action series” since V.I.P., and, as a reminder, that was a show about Pamela Anderson running a bodyguard agency full of people whose specialties ranged from wearing sunglasses, to blowing stuff up, to wearing sunglasses while blowing stuff up. The only way this could be any better is if half of Lundgren’s “elite team” is made up of Playmates in incredibly tight, agency-issue t-shirts. Which, for the record, it almost definitely will be.

I must have this show in my eyes at once.

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