Dolph Lundgren Will Single-Handedly Save The Reelz Channel

07.25.12 20 Comments

Prior to today, most people probably knew the Reelz Channel as “That one channel way up in the 100s that plays reruns of Becker and Wings all day. Wait, no. It’s the other one. I think.” After today, however, lots of people, including yours truly, may start knowing Reelz as “That one channel way up in the 100s that has the awesome as nuts show hosted by Dolph Lundgren.” A marked improvement.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

For a network that bills itself as TV about Movies, it’s only fitting that the Reelz Channel’s first foray into competition reality will be with a show about the movies.

That series, Race to the Scene, will feature pairs of contestants who race to and from actual movie locations as they compete in challenges and stunts inspired by memorable movie moments. The effort, which will be hosted by action star Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables), is set to premiere in spring 2013. […]

[Justin] Hochberg and his partner Charlie Ebersol began talking to the network about the project a little over a year ago, and have since spent time selecting iconic scenes –think Bruce Willis jumping off Nakatomi Tower in Die Hard– for which to recreate. Adds Ebersol, a self-declared “fan boy”: “The design of this show was to find the movies where you could know them just by seeing one frame.”

To recap: There is a show coming out that is hosted by Dolph Lundgren and features people competing in challenges that are based on iconic scenes in movies. This has a chance — A CHANCE — to be fantastic. Of course, it could also suck harder than a Shop-Vac depending on how they run with the idea from here, but I think they’re off to a terrific start. There are tons of scenes from action movies that would be a blast to act out: the boulder escape from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the aforementioned scene from Die Hard, assorted car chases, just about anything from the old James Bond movies, the Devil’s Backbone scene from Airborne, etc. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Feel free to add any scene(s) you’d like to reenact in the comments. Bonus points to anyone who picks a scene from a Dolph Lundgren movie, especially Showdown in Little Tokyo. That movie owns.

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