Don Cheadle Knocks Kristen ‘Fatty’ Bell Down Off Her High Horse During His Appearance On ‘Conan’

We covered the ten reasons you should be watching House of Lies the other day, but Don Cheadle’s appearance on Conan is some more proof if you needed it. There’s clearly something special going on behind this show because referring to your co-star as “fatty” would probably warrant a beheading or something on any other set. I’d never last a day on Kirstie Alley’s new show, not with all the Star Trek questions and fat jokes.

It also helps that Don Cheadle is a charming fellow that’s always put out quality work, save for Crash. I’d take Meteor Man over Crash. I’d even take it over Frozen. In fact, where is my Meteor Man sequel? Get on it! Tyler Perry should not be hogging all of black cinema. Make it happen.

(Via Team Coco)