The Messy Moment Don Lemon Commented On Kathy Griffin’s ‘Nice Rack’ On Live TV

Don Lemon got in a few spots of trouble on CNN’s live New Year’s Eve broadcast, and the results were hilarious. Lemon took his end of the party down to New Orleans, where he donned some fantastic beads and told Kathy Griffin exactly how much he enjoyed her assets. She didn’t seem too bothered in response, but Anderson Cooper‘s reaction was priceless.

Of course, Cooper is used to these sorts of antics from Griffin. She usually does embarrassing things on any given New Year’s Eve, and it’s always fun to watch the Coop squirm. So he probably expected some sultry behavior on Griffin’s behalf, but he wasn’t quite prepared for Lemon’s outburst. That’s the beauty of New Year’s Eve on live television. One never knows what weirdness will flow forth from “serious” talking heads. Hard news, indeed.

Here’s how Lemon looked earlier in the evening. Yes, he’s had a few drinks next to that fine hot tub.

Eyes forward, Lemon! Eyes forward.

Bringin' the funk on this New Orleans #CNNNYE @tipitinasuptown @donlemoncnn

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Twitter absolutely got a kick out of this New Year’s Eve moment.

Man, Don Lemon is going to have one hell of a hangover on New Year’s Day. Probably some indigestion too.