Donal Logue Helped A Stranger Propose To His Girlfriend

If Donal Logue, John Goodman, Walton Goggins, Michael Shannon, and Stephen Root were to ever star in a TV show together, it would get terrible ratings. But I’d watch it every week, and the show’s spin-off, too, called More Like CharactHER Actress. Until that day happens, though, we’ll have to settle for watching those actors be awesome on TV and in real life, especially Donal Logue, who once helped a complete stranger propose to his girlfriend.

This came from yesterday’s Reddit AMA session with the Terriers star:

Hey Donal, I just wanted to ask why you are such a cool and amazing Dude? True Story Redditors… I contacted Donal out of the blue a few years back via “myspace” gasp… about helping me propose to my then girlfriend. The joke was that she thought I looked like him and she would always see Donal on TV/Movies and say “look it’s you!”… Well long story short, I reached out and Donal said he would be Honored and some point later we met up and he helped prank my girlfriend and then I proposed. He did this for me, a complete stranger! She didn’t believe it, and it was a night we will never forget. Totally the coolest guy in the world in my book. So ends another tale of “LEGENDS OF LOGUE” Thank you DONAL!!!

To which Logue responded:

the whole plan of you proposing was the greatest thing ever- what a joyous occasion! I pretended my grandma gave me a special pen I used to sign things an that was the box the ring was in- tHANK YOU for letting me be part of your life in that way- I miss you guys, btw

Hopefully the theme of the wedding isn’t Terriers. Otherwise, all that hard work was for naught.