It’s Fair To Say That Donal Logue Will Haunt ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ For Awhile

Donal Logue has been the business for a long time, and while he’s beloved for his roles on Terriers, Life, ER and Grounded for Life, I’m not sure how many people know how seriously smart the guy is. Donal Logue went to Harvard, folks, where he majored in freakin’ Intellectual History, so Logue already knows all about Artaud, the author his character, Lee Toric, is reading in Sons of Anarchy while the rest of us are scanning the Internet to find out the significance. Logue is a cerebral mother**ker, and you need look no further than the brilliant Tao of Steve for evidence. If you’re old enough, you probably also remember Logue from is segments on MTV back in the early 90s; I still can’t look at Logue without thinking of Jimmy the Cab Driver:

Anyway, he gave an interview to Crave Online this week to talk about his character, and I love the whole interview because only Donal Logue could read into, and attribute so much intellectuality to Kurt Sutter’s male soap opera, Sons of Anarchy.

What I really love about “Sons of Anarchy” and what I love about Kurt is he navigates really fluidly from both these incredibly gritty street level worlds and he’s a very erudite intellectual too. Our smashing theater of cruelty or whatever was just shaking people up through shocking, not sadistic violence, but shock value. If you passively like war and support the war effort, I’m bringing the body of a seven-year-old child. I’m going to show you what war is.

Look: I think he’s giving too much credit to Sutter, but kudos to the guy for not deconstructing the Sons of Anarchy‘s flaws with Jax NOSTRIL FLARE screen grabs. I always thought Shawn Ryan was the smart guy behind The Shield, while Kurt Sutter came up with the batsh*t story lines.

More importantly, for anyone worried that next week’s season finale will be the last we see of Lee Toric, there looks to be a longer game at play for the character:

I’m going to bring a shocking level of violence to show you what your perspective of right and wrong is is wrong. Kurt knows me and we know each other well, so when I read this description, I thought what an interesting creation. This guy who marries the kind of intellectual with the violent world, Toric is a Harvard-educated special forces guy who was a roguish U.S. Marshal.

That doesn’t sound like a throwaway three-episode character, and Logue all but confirms that his character has a longer scheme in play:

It’s interesting because I think it’s fair to say that whatever he’s got to do might take a while to do, but I didn’t know exactly what the parameters were in terms of talking about the beyond, but I think Lee Toric is a pretty significant threat to these guys. I’m implying that it could go somewhere deeper.

A significant threat, not to just Tara, but “these guys.” I think he’s going to be a wild card for a while, and someone is going to get f**ked. “I’m going to bring a shocking level of violence to show you what your perspective of right and wrong is is wrong.”

Ummm. YES.

Let’s hope that he takes out the whole gang except Chibs, and he and Toric rain hellfire on Charming.

(Source: Crave)