Donal Logue Will Be Awesome On ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

That’s a given. I don’t care who he’s playing, or what he does, Donal Logue will be awesome because he doesn’t know how to be anything else. According to THR, the star of two brilliant-but-canceled series, Terriers and NBC’s awesome Life, is set to show up late in this season of Sons of Anarchy, joining a pretty stellar list of guest stars on this season of Kurt Sutter’s show, including Joel McHale, Ashley Tisdale, Walton Goggins, and Dave Navarro, who was announced as a guest star yesterday.

Who will they play?

Donal Logue is scheduled to play U.S. Marshal Lee Toric, joining his Terriers co-star Rockmond Dunbar, and there would be some interesting reverse symmetry if Logue’s character is called in to, say, (SPOILER) track down and arrest Dunbar’s character after he kills the people responsible for his wife’s murder (END SPOILER). Logue will be on the final three episodes of the season. Meanwhile, Dave Navarro — guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction, plus all around fame whore — will play Biz Lats, a gang member connected to Jimmy Smits’ Nero.

The addition of Logue as guest star is also in keeping with Kurt Sutter’s fondness for actors connected to his Shield co-writer, Shawn Ryan, who was the executive producer of Terriers. I love that they all play in the same sandbox.

(Source: THR)