Donald Glover Beats A Field Of Veterans To Win A Best Comedy Actor Emmy And Make History

Donald Glover is on fire. Earlier in the evening, he became the first actor to win an Emmy for directing himself in a comedy series in 40 years (after Alan Alda for M*A*S*H), now he took home the Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his show, Atlanta. He did what Lena Dunham and Louis C.K. couldn’t in recent years — direct, star, and win an Emmy for both.

Glover also became the first black director to win the Emmy for a comedy series, and also became the first black actor to win the Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy Series since 1985. He probably also became the first super-popular rapper-turned-Lando Calrissian to do so as well. It’s been an impressive night for Glover, but then, it’s also been an impressive year, and an impressive career and life for the Community star/Childish Gambino.

What can’t Donald Glover do?

In his heartfelt acceptance speech, Glover thanked his partner and unborn son, admitting that he can get crazy, but she’s always there to love him. It was another great moment from a guy whose become a staple of reaction .gifs, but in reality, is an incredible artist.