Donald Glover Made A Weird Trailer For Something That Features Topanga From ‘Boy Meets World’

07.31.13 36 Comments


Earlier this week, Time Magazine dug into the apparent disappearing act Donald Glover has been pulling lately. He’s been updating his various social media accounts less frequently, he negotiated a reduced role on Community for the upcoming season, etc. Outside of dropping a new single recently, it’s been mostly quiet on the Childish Gambino front.

Well, now we know what he’s been up to. Sort of. Maybe. But not really.

Last night Glover posted a link on Twitter to an incredibly weird and vague trailer/teaser/something for a project called clapping for all the wrong reasons. He provided no additional explanation or context. The clip features Glover (who is going by Childish Gambino pretty much full-time now) doing things like dribbling a basketball, sitting naked in a shower, and scuba diving in a pool. It also features Danielle Fishel (Topanga from Boy Meets World) for like one second, which, seeing as it’s an almost subliminal appearance in a mysterious project with confusing imagery, should do nothing to quiet all the lunatic Illuminati theories about her.

I don’t know. The clip is below. It’s strange. Why can’t people just chill out and make cool heist movies set in Monaco? That’s the real question here.

(via Pop Culture Brain)

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