'Community's' Donald Glover Develops A New Sitcom As A Fallback Plan

According to TV Guide, Donald Glover — Troy Barnes on NBC’s Community — is developing a new sitcom for NBC loosely based on his own life. Glover would also star in the sitcom, and NBC is willing to give Glover a put pilot, which means that the network pay a large penalty if the pilot doesn’t air.

Wuh OH. What does that mean for Glover’s participation in Community?

Glover’s new sitcom is in the “second position,” meaning that his priority will remain Community. He’s committed to remaining on the show. But what does that really mean? If NBC is offering Glover a put pilot ahead of a short 13-episode season which has been dumped on a Friday, it likely means that NBC has no real intention of renewing Community, sees little prospect for its future, and is trying to tie up the talent on the show in anticipation that it will end its run this year.

I suppose that’s good news and bad news, as it still remains to be seen what Community will look like without Dan Harmon, although the first indications suggest it will still be awesome. I suspect, however, that a sitcom based on Glover’s life would also be well received: He grew up in a nice family (so nice, they had foster children); he had an amazing arts education; and then became a stand-up comedian, sketch-comedy actor, sitcom actor, and rapper. I’m sure there is plenty of material in his life from which to mine. It won’t be like Community, though.

Now, the question is: When can we get an Alison Brie sitcom, and can it just be 22 minutes of Alison Brie GIFs?

(Source: TV Guide)