Donald Glover Will Create And Star In A New FX Comedy About The Atlanta Music Scene

08.06.13 6 years ago 43 Comments

Well I guess all that speculation about Donald Glover’s reduced role on Community this season and his “disappearance” seem a little silly now, as FX just announced that he will be developing a new comedy for the network about the Atlanta music scene.

The actor-comedian is set to write, executive produce and play the lead in a half-hour comedy, which has landed at FX for development. Tentatively entitled Atlanta, the comedy is set against the backdrop of the Atlanta music scene. Glover grew up in Atlanta and has an active music career as a hip-hop artist, stage name Childish Gambino. I hear several networks were interested in Atlanta but, in addition to the FX comedy brand, Glover also was attracted by the network’s willingness to accommodate his music touring schedule.

Glover famously got hired to write for 30 Rock while he was still a student at NYU, so he obviously has some chops in that department. (We’ll call this the Good Enough For Tina Fey, Good Enough For Me theorem.) The question is whether he’ll be able to carry an entire half-hour every week by himself. And since there’s really no way to judge that effectively until we see the final product, I suppose the only thing left to say about Donald Glover making a music-themed comedy set in Atlanta is BIG BOI AND ANDRE 3000 IN RECURRING ROLES AS THEMSELVES PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

(via Deadline)

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