Donald Glover Will Only Appear In 5 Of This Season’s 13 ‘Community’ Episodes

This popped up as a bummer of rumor last month, but now it’s apparently all confirmed and locked in: Donald Glover will have a reduced role in the upcoming season of Community, as Vulture is reporting he will only appear in five of the thirteen episodes so he can focus on his rap career. Sayeth Vulture:

The studio probably could have insisted on Glover committing to all thirteen half-hour episodes (or more, if NBC ordered them), but as often happens in Hollywood, both camps found a way to compromise. Glover will now be able to focus more on his music, while Sony will save some money since it won’t have to pay Glover for every episode.

This show, man. The showrunner fights with a difficult, aging comedy legend; the showrunner gets fired; everyone else fights with said difficult, again comedy legend; it gets pushed to midseason and its Thanksgiving episode ends up airing in March; the difficult, aging comedy legend leaves the show; it’s gonna get canceled; it’s not gonna get canceled; WE CAN SAVE IT; it gets picked up; the showrunner returns and promptly compares watching the season he wasn’t in charge of to watching his family get sexually assaulted; the showrunner issues a lengthy apology in the middle of the night on his Tumblr; and now, one of the remaining stars will be unavailable for over half of the upcoming season’s episodes so he can focus on his rap career, which will put a wrench in the show’s most enjoyable character pairing. (Clap-clap.)

It’s just… I mean…