Here’s What It Would Be Like If Donald Trump Actually Was Batman

Over the weekend, Donald Trump crossed perhaps his biggest line ever by telling a young boy that he was Batman at the Iowa State Fair, before whisking him away in his private helicopter. Yes, Donald Trump is exactly like Batman, only if Batman were in charge of informing supermodels that they are not longer a 10 and picking fights on Twitter instead of rescuing innocent civilians from harm and stopping the Joker.

As such, when Jimmy Kimmel returned Monday night, he set out to see what it would really be like if Donald Trump was Batman, with a little help from his Kimmel Kartoons team, who spliced old episodes of Batman: The Animated Series to actual Donald Trump quotes. The result is predictably a Batman who wants to build a wall to keep out Mexico, has “great relationship with the blacks,” and wants to be BFFs with Vladimir Putin.

Uhh, I think the Penguin just hijacked a cement mixer and stole a bunch of newborn babies out of the hospital and has plans to do something dastardly with them. This is exactly why Donald Trump is no more fit to be Batman than he is to be President of the United States.