Donald Trump Committed The Ultimate Sin By Telling A Little Boy, ‘I’m Batman’

Out of all the outrageous things Donald Trump has said or done during his inexplicable presidential campaign, this statement hits right in the jugular. Earlier today, we spoke of Trump’s callous statements on women’s health in relation to the hot-button abortion issue. This story also referred to the helicopter rides Trump doled out Sunday at the Iowa State Fair. Trump did so to win votes in a showy manner, although it could be argued that no one would let their kid ride with Trump unless they were planning on voting for the fella already.

According to CNN, Trump displayed an unusual amount of interest in something other than himself. After crossing a field and allowing the wind to blow through his magnificent mane, he excitedly asked, “Where are the children? Get them over here. I love my kids. Come ‘ere.” All of this happened while “Mustang Sally” played in the background, so it was very patriotic.

Trump fielded questions from the children, including one brave soul who asked, “Under what circumstances would you use a nuclear weapon?” Trump replied, “I don’t even wanna talk about that question. It’s a very serious question. I will bring back jobs, I will strengthen our military, I’ll take care of our vets, I’ll get rid of Obamacare, which is, by the way, a catastrophe.” In the above video, one precocious little boy asked, “Mister Trump, are you Batman?” This is when the world ended as Trump answered, “I am Batman.”

Clearly, Donald Trump has gone mad with assumed power.

(Via CNN)