Donald Trump Welcomed Megyn Kelly Back From Vacation With An Attack Of Giant ‘Bimbo’ Tweets

2012 Miss Universe Pageant
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A month has passed since the the Fox New GOP debate where Donald Trump threatened Megyn Kelly after she dared to ask hard questions about his disparaging comments towards women. Trump’s immediate response to these inquiries was, of course, to make disparaging comments about women. He then further illustrated Kelly’s point as he trolled her on Twitter by calling her an “idiot,” “biased,” and “not very good or professional.”

Trump said all this stuff (like he says everything) as he makes a serious bid for the highest office in the land. He wasn’t done yet. No way, José. Trump implied Kelly was on her period, which got him banned from GOP events, and he lost some advisers. Trump managed to call a tenuous truce with Fox News, possibly on the condition that Megyn take a long vacation. She left for nearly two weeks. Now Kelly is back, and so are Trump’s Twitter-happy fingers. He tweeted for several hours about this “bimbo” and how she needs to go away.

Note Trump’s use of “unscheduled vacation,” which all but confirms that he had a hand in it. He then proceeded to retweet several of his supporters the old-fashioned way.

Here comes the “bimbo” talk. Because Trump has nothing better to do than stay up at all hours to obsess over a woman who won’t obey him.