Donald Trump Isn’t Nervous About Hosting ‘SNL’ This Week And Promises Real ‘Fun’

Getty Image / Spencer Platt

Presidential candidate/human curio Donald Trump says he’s feeling good heading into his role as host for this week’s edition of Saturday Night Live. If he’s uneasy about the one-off comedy gig, he sure didn’t show it when speaking with reporters in New York:

“Am I nervous? Not too nervous. But we’ll do a good job and we’ll have a fantastic show. We’re all gonna have a lot of fun.”

Trump, who previously hosted the show in 2004, hasn’t exactly been welcomed with open arms across the board. (Heck, our Mike Ryan declared Trump’s hosting appointment to be a mistake.) An “SNL Dump Trump Rally” has been planned for Wednesday in response to the show bringing him on despite his incredibly controversial comments about Mexican immigrants. It’s a protest that Trump has chosen to spin as a plus for the Peacock Network:

“I think (the protesters) should demonstrate. Ratings will go even higher.”

It doesn’t get more Trump than that. That’s a MAXIMUM Trump response.

Reporters tried to wrangle a Jeb Bush impression from the White House hopeful, but were provided with a zingy zinger with extra zing sauce instead.

So much for the sacred bond previously sealed by an ungainly and weirdly intense white guy low five.

(via Mashable)