Not Even Arch-Conservatives Care To Listen To Donald Trump Bloviate All Over The Place Anymore

03.15.13 11 Comments

This photograph, via our pals at Daily Intel, appropriately captures reality TV star/America’s favorite dick boss Donald Trump’s slow, downward spiral into irrelevancy: his speech at CPAC — the annual gathering of the most conservative conservatives — today was attended by dozens.

Reports Atlantic Wire:

The country’s top birther was a controversial pick for a speaking slot at the annual conservative gathering, given that governors like Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell weren’t invited. Organizers said Trump was wildly popular with attendees. But it’s hard to say why. He doesn’t know how to give a political stump speech. “We have to make America strong again and make America great again,” he said on Friday, then paused until the crowd realized it was an applause line. They applauded. “Thank you,” Trump said, satisfied.

FYI, Donald Trump: YOU’RE FIRED!

(Via Daily Intel)

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