Donald Trump Has Had A Change Of Heart About Deadspin

Yesterday, after Deadspin’s bombshell report on Manti Te’o and his fake girlfriend had taken the world by storm, repugnant bovine feces disseminator tried to hop on the website’s bandwagon, naturally, tweeting out praise for Deadspin and the staff members Tom Scocca and Timothy Burke, the managing editor and one of the two writers bylined on the piece (the other was Jack Dickey). The site promptly responded with the beautifully succinct tweet above, perhaps the greatest tweet to ever be tweeted.

So how’s the notoriously razor thin-skinned reality TV prick handling having his praise so profanely rebuffed? Like a cantankerous papoose prematurely ripped from its mother’s nipple, that how. SHOCKING, right?

Yes, the bloviating gasbag has taken to Twitter today to trash Deadspin, because THAT’LL SHOW ‘EM, right?

If that weren’t enough, he’s been responding to people who enjoyed Deadspin’s shenanigans, repeatedly calling them “losers,” because that’s one of the few insults the wee brain hidden under his hilariously coiffed dome can spit out, I guess…

Yeah, sure, it’s Deadspin who are the losers in all this. And this latest humiliation of his is all Obama’s fault, right Donald?

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