Donald Trump Declares Himself Finished With Fox News (UPDATE)

Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Presidential Forum.
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Donald Trump may have pledged his allegiance to the Republican party, but he’s making it known loud and clear that he and Fox News still are not cool. On Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted the following, saying that basically he’s going to take his ball from the cable-news network (or, Make American Great Again hat) and go home.

Well then! I guess that is that. And really, why should he subject himself to Fox News, when all the late-night hosts are clamoring to have him on to let him play silly games and spout his catchphrases in a safe environment without anybody yelling at him? Can you blame the guy?

It’s unclear if there was some new slight against Trump that he’s taken umbrage with, or if this is all just residual stuff from his feud with Megyn Kelly following the Fox News GOP Debate. Either way, it looks like Fox News isn’t going to have Donald Trump to kick around anymore. Or, at the very least, they’ll have to do it from afar.

UPDATE: Should have seen this coming.