This Video Shows What ‘Game Of Thrones’ Would Look Like If Donald Trump Ran Westeros

I dunno about you, but the last two weeks of primaries has me imagining what a Donald Trump presidency in the United States of America might look like. I doubt I have enough of an imagination to really visualize how that turns out – will he really start shooting Muslims with bullets dipped in pig’s blood? Are we really going to build a giant wall along the border with Mexico?

Some of it is a little too unsettling to seriously consider. So let’s take it a step back and let The Donald do his thing in a more fantastical setting. Australian Youtuber Huw Parkinson has taken Trump’s head and seamlessly pasted it onto the bodies of several Game of Thrones characters to show everyone how the bombastic billionaire would rule Westeros.

He denies Danaerys Targaryen entry into Qarth, attempts to secure The Wall from illegal Wildling entry in the North, and threatens to waterboard the armies of Stannis Baratheon. All these policies and more are possible if Donald Trump wins the Iron Throne. Whether he’d be a more benevolent ruler than Joffrey? Uncertain. But on the plus side, he’d be the Seven Kingdoms’ problem, not ours.

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