Donald Trump Wasted No Time In Making His Presence Felt At The GOP Debate

It only took one question for Donald Trump to show that he couldn’t really stick to his promise to be a good boy at the Fox News GOP Debate on Thursday, using the opening hand raise question to create some distance from the other candidates on the stage. Is Trump going to just lie down and let the final nominee run with his full support? Of course not.

Trump says he’s going to go until he can’t go any more (or at least until the attention dies down on his sideshow of a campaign). Then Rand Paul gets a little yippy, like a terrier in a bad wig, nipping at Trump’s status as a big wig that buys candidates and supports Clintons.

No matter what happens, we’ve already gotten a wealth of Trump faces and quotes for an entire debate. And I’m pretty sure we’re getting tacos.

(Via Fox News)