Donald Trump Will Return To NBC For Jimmy Fallon And ‘The Tonight Show’


While everyone is all “Stephen Colbert this” and “Stephen Colbert that,” or “Stephen Colbert’s new show is going to buy me a new pony,” we mustn’t forget that it is James Tiberius Fallon, who is the reigning king of late night television, and he who must be watched closely as Colbert makes a run at the throne. So, how will Fallon counter Colbert’s first week next week? He’s bringing The Donald back to NBC to close out “All-Star Week” on Friday, September 11.

According to Deadline, “Trump, currently the GOP presidential race front-runner, will sit down with Jimmy Fallon and discuss his campaign and other issues of the day on that politically charged date.” It’s unclear whether that serious-seeming conversation will occur before or after Flip Cup or Random Object Three-Point Shootout. Whichever is more appropriate, I imagine.

You may recall, because you keep up on current events, that Donald Trump appearing on an NBC property is an unexpected development, due to the whole him being fired/consciously uncoupling from saying “You’re fired!” thing after Trump’s controversial remarks about immigrants.

It’s also interesting that Trump chose to go on Fallon, despite Colbert’s open invite/challenge. On the surface, one might assume that Colbert’s past Trump coverage might have something to do with it, but it seems pretty obvious that this is Trump’s team taking the safe shot, because who’s going to be the friskier interviewer? The inventor of Faceballs (Fallon), or the erudite now-former political satirist who is looking to collect his first big late night “moment” on his new show (Colbert)? Also, maybe Trump just likes winners.

Speaking of winners, Fallon’s other guests during All-Star week include Justin Timberlake (History of Rap Part XVII FTW!), Andy Samberg, and Empire star Terrence Howard. Here’s the full list.

Tuesday, Sept. 8: Richard Gere, Jessica Simpson, Keith Urban

Wednesday, Sept. 9: Justin Timberlake, Ellen DeGeneres, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Thursday, Sept. 10: Andy Samberg, Carrie Underwood (talk and musical performance)

Friday, Sept. 11: Donald Trump, Terrence Howard, Pharrell Williams

(Source: Deadline)