Donald Trump Keeps The Megyn Kelly Feud Alive By Complaining About Her On Fox News

One could almost write a soap opera on the ongoing kerfuffle between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly. The trouble all began when Megyn went in hard on Trump during the first GOP presidential debate. She questioned his disparaging remarks against women, and Trump took great offense. He proceeded to mercilessly troll her on Twitter and rant to CNN about how she was bleeding from her “wherever.”

Megyn engaged Trump a bit, but eventually stopped feeding the troll. Trump was not deterred, and after Megyn took an “unannounced vacation,” she returned to his flurry of giant “bimbo” tweets. The entire display took a sour turn, and eventually, even Bill O’Reilly told Trump to chill out. Trump doesn’t have it in him to chill out about anything.

In the above video clip, Trump set aside his squabble with Fox News in order to take yet another shot at Kelly. Trump’s still sore about how Kelly went off the party-line script to ask Trump to justify his negative attitudes of women:

“They’ve asked me some very negative questions, including your Megyn. They’ve asked me very, very disgraceful questions, frankly.”

Very “disgraceful,” indeed. At least that word’s a step up from Trump’s usual “disgusting” descriptor. It’s still befuddling how Trump believes Kelly is in the wrong for asking about his attitude towards women, especially when it was a question that was based upon Trump’s own language.

The most notable aspect of this video is that Trump went to Fox News to complain about Kelly. He tread on her home turf, which is one step away from pulling her pigtails.

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