Donald Trump Gave Out Lindsey Graham’s Phone Number During A Campaign Speech

Donald Trump Gives Address On Immigration In Phoenix
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Donald Trump knows no bounds when it comes to political warfare. He’s already said that John McCain should not be considered a war hero because “he was captured.” Now, Trump has resorted to the kind of low-brow tactics that should be reserved for Twitter wars between high schoolers.

The trouble began on Monday when Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on CNN’s Out Front, calling the presidential candidate a “jackass” for his comment about McCain, among other things. “He’s bringing his name down, and he’s not helping the process, and he shouldn’t be commander-in-chief,” Graham said.

On Tuesday, Trump retorted, saying, “He doesn’t seem like a very bright guy. He actually probably seems to me not as bright as Rick Perry. I think Rick Perry probably is smarter than Lindsey Graham.”

But that wasn’t all. He then told a story about how Graham contacted him several years ago and asked if Trump could put in a good word or two to Fox News’ Fox & Friends. With the Senator’s personal cell phone number in his possession, Trump then read the number aloud, asking his followers to “try it.”

Despite the juvenile attack, Senator Graham thinks Trump’s time at the front of the GOP presidential candidate pack is numbered.

“I think the beginning of the end has come,” Graham said. “The beginning of the end has arrived because he’s crossed a line with the American people that will not be tolerated.”

We’ll have to wait and see.