Donald Trump Has A Bit Of A Man Crush On Rob Lowe

Most people don’t know what to say when Donald Trump starts praising you. For some, like Ted Cruz, it is a bit like a Mafia hit. One day he says he loves you then the next he calls you a liar and puts out an attack on you. But then there are some that get pure praise from the wild-haired Republican front runner. Howard Stern got the rub during CNN’s town hall ahead of the South Carolina primary and now Rob Lowe is reliving a moment when Trump sang his affections.

During his appearance on Conan Monday night, the host brought up how Trump called Lowe the “most beautiful man” he’d ever seen. This was during a phone call to a charity show Lowe was involved with, but it has now come back for a little fun during this run to The White House.

If Americans are willing to elect a former reality TV host and loud billionaire to The White House, perhaps there’s a place for someone who has played a fake White House official on a real world cabinet. Make Lowe the communications director, mirroring his role on The West Wing, or just create a new role for him.

If Ted Cruz is willing to make Phil Robertson some sort of UN envoy, Donald Trump can at least throw Rob Lowe a bone. As long as it has nothing to do with Lowe’s famous sex tape.

(Via Conan)

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