Watch Donald Trump Play A Game Of ‘Who Said It: Donald Trump Or Stephen Colbert?’

News & Culture Writer

Stephen Colbert invited Donald Trump to The Late Show on Tuesday night, and being that, as he says: “For years, I played an over the top, conservative character — not as long as you did, but for many years,” Colbert engaged the presidential candidate in a little game of “Who said it: Donald Trump or Stephen Colbert?” Being that Donald Trump has spewed an endless amount of bullcrap over the years, you’d think a game like this might be a pretty easy way to trip the guy up. Not so! To his credit, Trump is actually fairly cognizant of the things he’s said in the past, and nails just about every question… even the trick question.

Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that I’m bestowing praise on the guy, keep in mind, I’m rewarding him for actually remembering saying things like: “It’s freezing and snowing in New York. We need global warming!” So maybe he wins this round, albeit in the most trivial way possible.

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