Donald Trump Has Ended His Feud With Fox News Only A Week After Swearing Off Fox News

Getty Image / Fox News

Last week, tensions between two superpowers came to their ultimate breaking point on September 23. In a day that will live in infamy, presidential candidate Donald Trump decided enough was enough and officially announced that he was breaking up with Fox News.

Trump’s feud with Fox News has been escalating over the past few months, and this tweet brought acknowledgement that the man has had enough and would refuse to appear on any shows on the network “for the foreseeable future.” Well, folks, it looks like that is “leet” speak for one week as, according to THR, Donald Trump has agreed to appear on Tuesday night’s episode of The O’Reilly Factor.

This move comes after the network canceled Trump’s previously planned O’Reilly Factor appearance. It seems like feuds these days don’t last as long as they once did. It was just a few weeks ago that NBC let the former host of Celebrity Apprentice back in their doors to get his message out to the impressionable masses on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Soon after, Trump appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, whose host once — not so long ago — fictitiously referred to Bill O’Reilly as his “Poppa Bear.”

With his fantastical tax plan released to the public, maybe O’Reilly will take Donald Trump to task to further make sense of all those numbers. At the very least, we should expect the conservative pundit to go head-to-head with the candidate in a manner hopefully unlike that game of political softball Sarah Palin played with the man just a few months ago. Gosh, I wonder what Duck Dynasty‘s Willie Robertson thinks about this whole mess.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)