Donald Trump Voters Finally Get Their Time To Shine In This Ad From ‘SNL’

Donald Trump has been preaching about riding the tide of the silent majority for most of his campaign. Well, you can consider them silent no longer after this wonderful ad from SNL that shines a little light on the people thrusting him to the top of the GOP heap.

You’ve never seen a more cheerful bunch and this could easily turn into a Folgers commercial in a heartbeat. That’s what makes it great. Just real Americans, living their daily lives, and showing their true color in support of their candidate. Not only that, but Aidy Bryant seems to have some pretty good Photoshop skills for someone who may or may not believe the Earth is flat.

Obviously the twist is telegraphed, but it’s still played out pretty well based on absurdity alone. But then again, these are absurd people we’re dealing with. In 2016. With a former reality star/billionaire running away with the election. It’s like something out of a movie, but it’s definitely, weirdly real.

Though when you really think about it, these voters weren’t just born in the past few months. And they’d very easily be Ted Cruz voters if given the opportunity.

(Via SNL)

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