Donnie Wahlberg Penned An Essay Defending His Addiction To ‘The Bachelor’

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Ahead of tonight’s season 20 finale of The Bachelor, former-turned-current New Kid On the Block Donnie Wahlberg published an essay in the Chicago Sun-Times Splash section explaining his love for the reality series. See, being married to Jenny McCarthy is not without its drawbacks, as Wahlberg initially chalks up his having to watch the show as an ultimate form of karmic payback for all of the husbands and boyfriends who have been dragged to New Kids On the Block concerts throughout the years.

But beyond that, Wahlberg really just kind of likes The Bachelor, if you must know. As it turns out, the “Hangin’ Tough” singer is really just a big softie at heart, likening his fondness to the sentimental TV shows he watched in the ’70s as a kid. And then for some reason, he lists out a number of televised moments that have made him cry over the years, Bachelor included:

I cried during the commercial where the American Indian shed a single tear because of all the trash and litter ruining our planet.

I cried when the Red Sox lost a one-game playoff to the Yankees in 1978.

I damn near had a breakdown when Old Yeller died.

I had a soft spot for the teddy bear in the Snuggle fabric softener commercials.

I cried when Mr. Evans died on “Good Times.”

I cried, and still cry, watching the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas special, with the abominable snowman. I always feel for Hermie the Elf who wants to be a dentist, and all those screwed-up gifts on the Island of Misfit Toys.

I cried during the M*A*S*H finale.

I ruptured a few blood vessels from bawling my eyes out during Arsenio Hall’s final show.

I wept like a baby when Carrie Underwood won “American Idol.”

I even allowed the world to see me cry during my own televised wedding.

Just like they see me cry today, when my wife posts videos of me sobbing during episodes of the stinking “Bachelor.”

Don’t believe him? A quick glimpse into McCarthy’s Twitter feed reveals the following gems:

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH A MAN WHO CRIES, DONNIE WAHLBERG. I just hope Jenny stocked up on tissues in case Jojo doesn’t get the final rose tonight. Things might get messy.

(Via Chicago Sun-Times)