Don’t Be Sexy Sansa Stark For Halloween. Be Hipster Sansa.

This year, just like last, I’m going as Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burgers for Halloween. Why? Because all the costume requires is a mustache and a white apron, which appeals to me, because I’m as lazy as I am [falls asleep before finishing this analogy]. Where was I? Oh yeah, if you’re looking for a Halloween costume inspired by a TV show, say Game of Thrones, you could do a whole lot worse than Hipster Sansa, which a Redditor who actually kind of looks like Cersei shared the making of.

“I knew winter was coming before you even heard of it.”

It’s not immediately clear who she’s supposed to be, which I actually like — it shows an attention to detail that someone who slaps a dragon on their shoulder and calls themselves Khaleesi lacks. But the Brooklyn hipsterdom-via-Winterfell comes together when you combine the hair, the shirt, and the necklace. Plus, if she ditches the red lipstick and dyes her hair black, she can go as Evil Sansa next year.

Via Reddit