Don’t Even Bother, Parents, These ‘Breaking Bad’ Kids Have Already Won Halloween

Breaking Bad Halloween costumes are probably going to be quite popular this year, what with everyone still in mourning over the end of their favorite TV show of the last zillion years. But nobody on this planet is going to do it better than these two kids have already done it, as Tweeted by Aaron Paul himself earlier this evening. I know the Breaking Bad kids costume thing has been done before (like this one and this one and this one, off the top of my head), but it does not get old, people.

In fact, if you’re sitting at home, still wondering what to dress your kids up as for Halloween, you really can’t go wrong with a little Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. However, if you prefer to be obscure or a little different, the Cousins or a melted Gus Fring would be pretty awesome ideas, too, if you’ve got a Mercedes Big Wheel or Hollywood makeup kit handy.