Don’t Hate the Squatter, Hate the Law

07.21.11 8 years ago 38 Comments

The dude in this news report is awesome: Kenneth Robinson studied up on a Texas law called “adverse possession,” which allowed him to take over a $330,000 house for just $16 after the house went into foreclosure followed by the mortgage company going out of business. If he lives in the house for three years, he can become the house’s legal owner — and flip that mutha for a sweet-ass profit.

Meanwhile, the white neighbors who paid full price for their McMansions are NOT happy about it — filing complaints, calling the cops, and looking like whining racist morons on the local news. The whole thing just gives me a rock-hard schadenfröner (I think that’s the term, my German is rusty).

Anyway, I asked Warming Glow’s legal expert Danger Guerrero about this case, and he took a break from studying for the bar exam to direct me to the legal precedent, the landmark case of Haters v. Troll. Man, is Danger gonna CRUSH the bar or what?


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