Don’t Worry, The Trailer For Not-Sex Tape ‘Farrah 2: Backdoor And More’ Is Here

What a journey we’ve been on with Farrah Abraham these past 10 months. It’s like the old expression goes, a journey of a thousand pornos begins with a single fake-sex tape. Think back on everything we’ve been through together: the money, the clips, the depression, the rehab, the Christian parenting book, the other crap. Yes, much like a Stefon clip, the Ballad of Backdoor Teen Mom has EVERYTHING, and much like an attendee at one of Stefon’s clubs, Backdoor Teen Mom has done EVERYONE.

Including James Deen, again. The trailer for Farrah 2: Backdoor and More, the Empire Strikes Back of fake-sex tapes, is now out, and you can see it here. If you don’t have 18 seconds to spare, here’s the tl;dlook version.

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