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In case you haven’t been watching season 18 of “Survivor” (“Survivor: People Losing Weight”) 37-year-old contestant Ben Wade insists that other adults call him “Coach,” because he coaches a college girls’ soccer team.  Correction: coached.  He kinda just left his job in the middle of the season, and Southwest Baptist University fired him.

SBU athletic director Brent Good said the school bought out the remaining three months of Wade’s contract because Wade did not tell Good that he left the team at mid-season to be on television.

“He said he was going to be gone for a week,” Good said. “And the week went beyond that, which went beyond that, which went beyond that.”  Good said Wade left the team on Oct. 22 — with two weeks left in the season — to go to the Brazilian Highlands to shoot the 18th season of the hit reality show. He returned to campus eight weeks later, on Dec. 17.

Wade said Good informed him of the decision Monday. He said the news was a surprise and that he hopes to continue his television career [as an actor] … “I’m going to be the next big thing on the big screen,” Wade said in a phone interview.

So, to recap, a coach abandoned his team during the season without an explanation as to where he was going, and he was surprised to learn that he was fired when he returned two months later.  Sounds like he just might be self-involved enough to be a pretty good actor, actually.  I wish him all the best… venereal diseases.

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