05.05.09 10 years ago 8 Comments

Spike TV has announced that it will air crappy old episodes of “Entourage” starting in January.

The guy-centered network has acquired all 78 produced episodes, the upcoming sixth season as well as rights to future seasons of the show for an all-cash license fee of about $600,000 an episode, sources said…

Spike TV’s vp programming John Griffin called “Entourage” “the epitome of aspirational television for guys.” “Who wouldn’t want to hang out with Vinnie Chase and his crew?” he said. [THR]

Me.  That’s who.  Listen, I could never hope to list all the multi-colored ways I loathe “Entourage,” but suffice to say that the show’s few remaining douchebag defenders will always cite the show’s willingness to show bare breasts as one of the feathers in its cap.  So, minus the tits, that leaves Jeremy Piven “stealing” scenes from wooden dummies as a reason to watch.  No thanks, I’d rather live in an AXE commercial.

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