‘Doug’ And Ice Cube Team Up To Rap And Remind You That It Is Still A Very Good Day

Who better than Doug Funnie to represent Ice Cube’s ” It Was A Good Day” for all those ’90s kids out there. Not like Ice Cube himself could do it or anything with his huge Hollywood stardom and old age. Doug doesn’t age and his life is relatively good in Bluffington. There’s no murder, an odd abundance of beet-themed objects, and his best friend is a green guy with cool pants — suck it, Wiz Khalifa.

Doug is the embodiment of everything Ice Cube was rapping about in his 1993 ode and the video shows just that — to a point. It leaves out the second half of the song where Doug heads out to spend the night with Patti Mayonnaise, but he is a monster on the court. And he gets the best of Roger Klotz, so that’s not bad either.

Still not as good as the original good day. You can’t compete with the Fat Burger and the three-wheel motion. Also, Bluffington likely doesn’t have a blimp. If it does, it’s surely shaped like a beet, so it’s not even worth the comparison. Beets are terrible.