'Downton Abbey' Teasers: Fancy Yo Momma Jokes, Y'all

08.20.12 9 Comments

Downton Abbey’s third season doesn’t premiere in America until January, but fans of old ladies verbally blowtorching people will be happy to know that the first two teaser trailers have officially been released. Neither 20 second clip gives away too much, save for what we already knew about Shirley MacLaine joining the cast this season, so if you just need a little fix of upper-crust British putdowns to tide you over until next year, but you don’t want to have the show spoiled for you, you should be safe. In a related matter, Maggie Smith terrifies me. I just wanted to get that on the record.

I’m not exactly sure how many of you watch Downton Abbey. I know I skipped the first season because it didn’t seem like my cup of tea (this is funny because English people drink tea, and you are welcome for the explanation). But I decided to plow through it and get caught up between seasons after reading all the rave reviews and seeing it win a ton of Emmys, and I will say this: If you’ve been avoiding it because, well, it’s a period piece about the family dynamics and ongoing power struggles of wealthy British people who live on a scenic country estate with their live-in service staff, and that sounds like the single most PBS thing possible (short of a tote bag with that description written on it, perhaps), I would urge you to check it out. It’s well-written, well-acted, and it’ll give you something watch after Breaking Bad ends.

Also, as I mentioned above, vicious old lady barbs.

via EW

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