Dr. Oz Helped Save The Life Of A Woman Whose Foot Was Severed By A New York Taxi Yesterday

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08.21.13 7 Comments

While Dr. Phil was working on the perfect way to ask his Twitter followers if it was OK to take advantage of a drunk girl (or maybe it was a LCD Soundsystem reference?), TV’s other famous doctor/Oprah disciple with an afternoon talk show that doubles as masturbation fodder for lonely middle-aged women everywhere was assisting a British tourist visiting New York City who lost her foot. OK, but how drunk was she?

TV’s Dr. Mehmet Oz attempted to offer more than just health guidance on a busy street in Manhattan on Tuesday morning after a taxi jumped a curb and hit a pedestrian and a cyclist.

The accident happened at 49th Street and Sixth Avenue — home to Rockefeller Center and near Radio City Music Hall and Saks Fifth Avenue — around 11 a.m. A British tourist was struck and her right leg was severed above her foot and below the knee, according to New York City police.

Oz, the host of The Dr. Oz Show, was getting ready for a shoot when he and his team heard emergency vehicles rushing to the scene, according to Tim Sullivan, representative of the Dr. Oz show. Their offices are about a block away from the accident.

Oz told CNN affiliate PIX11 that when he arrived, the belt had been tied to the woman’s leg and he was just trying to tighten it to stop the bleeding. The cab driver was in a daze and very emotional, Oz said. (Via)

So maybe he didn’t help so much as he…

…literally chased ambulances. With his camera crew. Dr. Oz makes lawyers seem human by comparison.


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