Dr. Phil Reigns As The World’s Highest Paid TV Host And The Dude’s Making Some Ridiculous Money

The stern mustache dad insight of Dr. Phil isn’t for everybody, but maybe the advice of his financial team should be. TV’s shiniest straight talk spewing head reigns supreme atop a freshly released list of the small screen’s biggest earners.

According to Forbes, Dr. Phil McGraw is the highest paid host in television, raking in a whopping (pretax) total of $88 million with his wheelings and dealings and occasional bit of wrestler conflict mediation. That’s what industry experts might refer to as a lot of money. It’s not just his afternoon hour of advice, scandal and sass talking catfishers that’s earned him that impressive 12 month haul. McGraw does take a big cut of the dough from his show, but he also has endorsements, an executive producer position with The Doctors and his Doctor on Demand app. Basically, don’t let Dr. Phil talk you into lending him $20. He’s got money already.

The hosts in the runners-up slots aren’t crying poverty, mind you. Ellen DeGeneres may be in the No. 2 slot on the Forbes list, but that silver medal position comes with $75 million earned over 12 months. Coming in third? That’d be pocket-sized former American Idol host Ryan Seacrest with a tidy $55 million.

Feel free to have a think about how much money you might imagine Jenny Jones would earn in 2016.

(Via Forbes)

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