Dr. Phil’s Show Is A Million Times Better When You Remove All Of The Dialogue

Meet John. He’s your typical bad boy, getting his honor roll girlfriend knocked up before he heads off to jail for bootlegging or whatever the tough kids are doing in suburbia these days. Well, pregnant honor roll girl’s family obviously doesn’t care for her dating a bad boy, so they did the smartest thing that any parents could do – they took them both to meet with Dr. Phil. What happened next probably featured a lot of parenting wisdom from Oprah’s favorite know-it-all, while John stood his ground and refused to take responsibility, because he’s so bad, you see.

But who cares about that nonsense when the show is so much more intense after all of the dialogue has been removed? YouTuber Bill Smith has created something truly special here, in that he’s made Dr. Phil interesting. This could be a whole new approach for this boring, old show.

(H/T to Fark)