Dragons, Death, And The Dinklage: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 3 Trailer Is Here

After months of posters and teasers and my fan fiction stories about Littlefinger and Varys FINALLY hooking up, the season three trailer for Game of Thrones, which returns on March 31, is finally here — and it’s HOLY SH*T DRAGONS. Watching it in real time is like a one-minute stream of loud exclamations: DINKLAGE WALKING THROUGH A DOOR, PICKAXES, I HOPE ONE OF THOSE RUSTY SWORDS GOES UP JOFFREY’S BUTT, BRAN FINALLY LOOKING LIKE A BADASS AND SHOOTING AN ARROW, and so on.

HBO clearly realized GoT is its cash cow in the break between seasons two and three, because the production values in the trailer look stellar, especially in the scene with one of Dany’s dragons flying alongside a boat. It’s a shame HBO can’t put dragons into all its shows; I would give them all my money to see a talking dragon call Veep‘s Jonah a “Down syndrome mole in a vest.” Alas. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the song you’re going to immediately download on iTunes is “Bones” by MS MR. Now let’s overanalyze. OMG THE CAVE.