'Drake-ing Bad' Imagines A World Where Drake Stars In 'Breaking Bad'

09.03.13 9 Comments


What if Drake were in Breaking Bad? Artist and writer Shea Serrano (who you may know from Grantland or from the rap coloring book he made with Bun B) asked just that, and proceeded to whip up some drawings featuring the rapper in notable scenes from the show. It’s a simple premise, and one that’s not all that more far-fetched than my own “What if Walter White wore a Justin Bieber wig?” fever dream from a few weeks ago.

Anyway, Drake wearing tighty-whities? Check. A decapitated Drake with his head balanced atop a large turtle? Check. There are only a few so far, so hopefully we’ll get to see things like Drake with half his face blown off, Drake sitting on the toilet reading Walt Whitman, and Drake and Skyler standing in front of a huge pile of money at some point in the near future. Something something STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM something.


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