Drunk Driver Hid In Cactus Patch After Crashing Car, Sending Naked Lover Flying Out The Window

Guys, I have a favor to ask of you: when I inevitably get arrested in the near-future, can one of you make sure that under my mugshot, it reads, “Was found hiding in a cactus”? If I’m going to get in trouble with the law, might as well go all #yolo, as driving-while-sexing fanatic Luis Briones did on Monday night.

A 25-year-old man is facing multiple charges after police said he was drunkenly having sex with a woman while driving, crashed his car and then ran from police.

Luis Briones was found with one shoe on and his shorts on inside-out Monday night, hiding in a cactus, after he crashed his Ford Explorer in the 2600 block of [Albuquerque’s] Pennsylvania NE on Monday night.

Briones’ female passenger was found naked outside the vehicle after being ejected. She had deep cuts to her face and head, but was in stable condition when she was sent to the hospital, police said. (Via)

If Megan is Sharon, then Walter White must be this guy. Poor Skyler. Forever the passenger, never the driver.

Naked woman thrown from car after crash