Dude Blows the Roof off the ‘American Idol’ Dump By Singing the ‘Family Matters’ Theme

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01.20.12 16 Comments

Please trust that I would never, ever inflict “American Idol” upon you without good reason. Up until today, I hadn’t seen a second of the show since all the changes, and I’m in increasingly large company (ratings for the premiere this year were down 27 percent from last year’s premiere).

HOWEVER, I will temporarily lift my personal ban on all things “American Idol” for this, because it’s pretty g*ddam great. This guy — Reed Grimm, a 26-year-old Wisconsin man — sings the “Family Matters” theme, and it is Urkelicious. So, before you chastise me for RUINING Warming Glow with “American Idol” clips, give it a listen. If you don’t agree, THEN you can chastise.

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