05.22.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

While I was sad to learn from the CNN report on Keyboard Cat that Fatso (that was KC’s name) actually died years ago, this spoof of E’s “True Hollywood Story” by Totally Sketch is a much better account of his life.  Even if it’s fake.  Which I choose not to believe.

There’s all sorts of goodness in this video, from the drummer from Sha Na Na to “Chocolate Rain” singer Tay Zonday to a picture of a coked-up Keyboard Cat.  Oh man that’s good stuff.  And I thought cats wearing clothes was hilarious.  Now all I want to see are cats doing drugs.  I think I’m going to start making pictures of cats doing drugs AND wearing clothes.  To the Batmobile!  (The Batmobile’s what I call Photoshop.)

[Urlesque via Soup]

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