Here’s What We Know Now That ‘The Flash’ Has Introduced Earth Two

For the first time, DC Comics seems to finally have its own multiverse brewing on television. What this means for the future between Warner’s film plans and its existing television ventures is unknown, but we do know it has some big implications for The Flash. It might even have a few things to do with Supergirl, Arrow, and Legends Of Tomorrow at some point — if it doesn’t already.

But what’s the deal with Earth 2? Barry Allen got to travel there and catch a whiff of its 1940s atmosphere, but where does it stand compared to the original comic version? Actually quite similar while bringing in some details of one of the other key Earths from the DC Comics universe.

When it comes to the original Earth 2 in the comics, it represents the Golden Age of DC Comics and its World War II era heroes. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman all have their spots on this Earth, but the real difference comes with the Justice Society of America. That’s where Jay Garrick, the original Flash, comes in to existence — or he did when Earth 2 was established in the “Flash Of Two Worlds” storyline.

Earth 2 in The Flash also features parallel versions of established Earth 1 characters, like Arrow and The Flash, but where it differs from its comic-book counterpart is the inclusion of the evil version of Earth 1 characters. This concept actually comes from Earth 3 and later the Antimatter Earth that features evil counterparts to Earth 1’s heroes. So there’s an evil Superman and Batman — Ultraman and Owlman on Earth 3 — and they lead their evil version of the Justice League called the Crime Syndicate of America.

If this all seems confusing, that’s because it is. There is nearly 80 years of storytelling and continuity trying to exist together, with multiple efforts to “fix” or clarify what’s going on. The fact that The Flash is able to use it well and not have it be extremely confusing is a blessing. But even if it is confusing, it is a fun concept. Let’s just hope they keep Captain Carrot to just the comics. We’re not prepared for that sort of thing just yet.