Egypt Overthrows Anderson Cooper

Pro Wrestling Editor
02.02.11 21 Comments

The revolution currently going on in Egypt may end up being one of the most important cultural and sociopolitical events of our lifetime, but you aren’t going to get the “normal Joe SixPack Americans” to care until Egyptians start beating up our celebrities.

That took a big leap forward today when Silver Fox and Channel One-alum Anderson Cooper was repeatedly punched in the head by protesters. “The attackers pushed and shoved the CNN crew and punched them in the head, he said, but no one was seriously hurt,” according to a report on  A colleague, CNN’s Steve Brusk, tweeted that Cooper was “punched 10 times in the head” by a “pro-Mubarak mob.” No word on whether or not the crowd counted along with the punches, like when Hulk Hogan does it.

I like to think Cooper got punched in the head not because of Mubarak, but because he went to Egypt to cover world events and tried to film them on his Flip™. Also, I’m going to keep being ignorant enough to believe “Mubarak” is a Jack Kirby monster who has somehow taken over Egypt. For more on the turmoil, allow me to retweet from @mattufford:

“Did I just hear the phrase ‘police on camels’ on CNN? Maybe the Egyptian revolution can overthrow some stereotypes.”

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